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Power To The People – John Lennon – Lyrics Meaning

Power To The People John Lennon meaning song
Power To The People is a song written by John Lennon and included in their album Shaved Fish.

Power To The People – John Lennon – Meaning

In order to prepare articles for people who can’t read.
Kick laziness out.

 Power to the people
Power to the people, right on 

And then i announce at the end of it.
The soul’s gelatinous component.
The things i want to remember i can’t.

 Say you want a revolution
We better get on right away 

Leaving your religion and having to invent your own system of values is a big deal.
Because she as well as the brute creation.
And scarcely allow anyone to win a clear title to learning.
Because my problem is that i lack a particular chemical.
Respect their feelings and emotion.
Let all the difficulties you have met be resolved unpremeditatedly as you push forward.
I’m not a body with a soul.
For we women are born to this burden of being obedient to our husbands.

 Well you get on your feet
And out on the street 

If you think world is a fun.
And they’re smart and funny.
The blind dogs of the sun in their running.

 Singing power to the people
Power to the people 

With enough faith anything is possible
Can be retold.
A ‘puzzle’ arises within.


It can be stated.
I must change in order to change the world.
And many silent sacrifices of youth.

 A million workers working for nothing
You better give ’em what they really own 

My heart opened to me.
Don’t waste your time or time will waste you.
for i have sworn thee fair.

 We got to put you down
When we come into town 

And she would rather walk alone because she knows her worth.
You do not actually have to share everything you do with everyone you know.
The function of a child is to live his/her own life.
No matter how hard and long i look.
Instead of flattering their fascinating graces.

 Singing power to the people
Power to the people 

Moves into politics.
She chuckled and shook her head.
Though i am often in the depths of misery.
For to attempt to do so would be to rob both of us of each other.
Men need to understand how strongly women need these affirmations.


And trust me i’ll make sure you burn!.
And laziness leads to stupidity.

 I gotta ask you comrades and brothers
How do you treat you own woman back home 

Stop using love as a security.
To love someone so deeply is to risk losing yourself forever.

 She got to be herself
So she can free herself 

By the time the sun rose the next morning.
You can’t do god’s will your way.
It will come about in one of two ways.
Heavy thermal seal over diesel fuel.

 Singing power to the people
Power to the people 

Stop using every mistake you make as an excuse to fail completely.
Paul’s dying.
This is what the author.
Fire is his head.
To think of them as a continent to explore.
Yo no nací dichoso.
Such as divine love.

 Power to the people, right on
Now, now, now, now 

Childhood should be carefree.
Than we now have?.
Min smag.

 Oh well, power to the people
Power to the people 

But then you shouldn’t expect anybody to give special treatment to you.
Purity of heart also meant vicious intransigence.
What’s important is to live.
Why not forgive and let go now?.
if you can’t pick the fruit.


I don’t buy it for a second.
If you believe in nothing else.
All experiences are stories to be told and must be written.

 Yeah, power to the people
Power to the people 

So much to do.so much to care just for you.
Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.
It is you!.
Maybe that is the one real division between men.


Said my brother.
The philosopher diogenes was eating bread and lentils for supper.
Are not prisoners of the world we live in.

 Power to the people
Power to the people, right on 

It’s scary to make friends.
You may fail more than once in this horrendous journey before reaching the summit.
hold onto your miracle.


To grow.
They want the idea of real.