Old ways won’t open new doors.

This is one of the oldest phrase in the world. A sentence that contains within itself an important truth.

Having tremendously afraid of the unknown, we always try a simple, quick, fast and above all reliable and safe solution that allows us to solve our problems in a short time.

To achieve this, there are basically two ways: to pursue always the same actions hoping for the best, or to change the things we do to try to get different results.


It ‘s just a matter of luck

The first way is obviously what we often use, because it makes us feel safe, makes us believe that we are in control of the situation. Repeating processes, strategies, tactics and actions that we know, we feel safe, because we know more or less what to expect from the future.

Typically our actions do not result in a radical and deeply change when we repeat always the same actions. If we want to become millionaires, one of the favorite ways humanity is to spend money, lots of money by betting on the future.

The lotteries, casinos and card games, are a clear example of this mode in which liability is all assigned to an external force, to chance and luck.

Of course it is much easier and is much more likely to become millionaires thanks to their work, to their inventiveness, their ideas and the ability to get into the game. But to do this means taking responsibility. The responsibility for the success but unfortunately also the responsibility of any failure.

And even if we do not play we can still feel secure, knowing the results we expect. Maybe we prefer to have partial failures, which make us remain in the same position for years and years and years, wanting to think and wanting to believe that this is best.

So we complain constantly of our work, of our diseases, the things that sadden us, but we never take the initiative to go really well.


Change implies a responsibility.

One evening i watch on the television, a reality show for singers. Among the various competitors happen a very young girl, who must have been 18 or 20 years at most. Takes the stage singing, but the judges did not appreciate it and say that they think it is immature, it is not ready, and that must study and that has yet to do much.

When he returns backstage by his mother, as she cries declares that this was the first and the last time she would try to put so much at stake and in front of a big audience.

At that point the presenter who was there with her, trying to comfort her and tells her that she is very young, very good and that absolutely can not be stopped in something that is very important for her like to sing, by a judgment given in a solution, however, very special as that of a reality.

His answer left me absolutely breathless.

I have done so. This is the way I do and I behave well.

Inside that sentence is the weakness that comes constantly by two things: the fear of the unknown and the absence of the will to go on, of not to give in.

Obviously stay warm blanket created from the safety of their own personality, their own behavior is the simplest thing. But the truth is that to get different results, there must be the maturity and accountability necessary for change.

If you are not satisfied with the results you get in some area of your life that is important to you, and you realize which is not always the fault of the world that is ugly and bad and that is angry with you. Almost always, it is the way you ask the world, towards others that always get you the same results.

The change and the evolution is a need for the human soul.

Dare and go outside of what we know, what makes us feel good, for the simple fact that is what we have always done, is one of the actions most exciting, powerful and enlightening that can be done.


The next step.

Try this little test. Choose one of the activities that i propose to you. Or if you want you can also make them both. After that you do them, write in the comments below the feelings that you have given. If it was a positive experience, or it was a stretch for you. If the thing has put you uncomfortable and you’re back quickly usual behavior that you hold in that circumstance.


  • The next time you go to a place, try to do another road, and while you walk, always watching what is above the head in front of you.
  • The next time you go out you have to talk to at least 10 different people who do not know, random passersby. You can talk about of banality but you have to be you to take the first step.



And you how many times do unnecessary actions just to pass the time? Or avoid situations where you feel uncomfortable, but inside you know that you could open new doors and new opportunities?

Remember to write the results of the tests that I have proposed. You may have wonderful surprises from yourself.

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