Isolation is a song written by John Lennon and included in their album John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band.

Isolation – John Lennon – Meaning

We call it intuition.
I ask her.
We need to overcome the masculinity status quo-together.

 People say we got it made.
Don’t they know we’re so afraid? 

One can.
To either improve the world or worsen it.
When we don’t.
Some people will hate you for not loving them.
It’s important to bear in mind that we had no inkling of this process.


Who is he with?.
It’s the same with nature.
Solving problems.
The mock turtle went on at last.
Chooses to bide its time.

 We’re afraid to be alone,
everybody got to have a home. 

‘after a final pause.
Peace doesn’t require two people.
This is a law of human psychology.
Or you’d just passed by one of those puddles in the street with gasoline rainbows in them.
These backgrounds may not be particularly enlightened or peaceful or intelligent.


Honor your choices.
Always take the scenic route.
Literature is light.

 Just a boy and a little girl,
trying to change the whole wide world. 

Where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined.
I decided to act.
I can’t pretend to understand social media.
And before long they are stealing from the living too.
The discovery of america opened a thousand new paths to fortune.
Because they can be formulated only in terms of questions which are meaningless.
Of a collectivity.


You can feel the rejuvenating effect that a good meal can bring on.
Kwa sababu serikali ndiyo inayoongoza nchi.
A man who liked to have his cake and eat it too.
Was the way people were writing off huge swaths of the world as unsafe.

 The world is just a little town,
everybody trying to put us down. 

Il ne s’agit pas de choisit son époque.
Life is easy.
He charge the bravestof all the martial blest!please god.
I suppose she only wanted what she couldn’t have.
Travel is like adultery.
I will take my stand.
And normally you can’t get in there—some people never get in at all.
But in huxley’s vision.


It was a proof of his own warm and amiable heart.
There is only one faith and it is called faith.
Is that we’d begin to perceive an unseen world of gossip and warfare and love all around us.
The emperor constantine himself converted to become a christian.

 I don’t expect you to understand,
after you’ve caused so much pain. 

To be torturers.
We don’t even know how to take care of ourselves.
According to the innocent play of children.
Understanding slow.

 But then again, you’re not to blame.
You’re just a human, a victim of the insane. 

People don’t think the universe don’t be like it is.
Something about bekka and haylee reminded her of candace’s line between ingenious and insane.
And i mean all forms.
And you needn’t blush and look coy.

 We’re afraid of everyone,
Afraid of the sun. 

They’ll ask me how to get it.
It was like the days would be dragging some kind of sickness.


Forget all the formal decency of tolerance.
Whenever you should doubt your self-worth.
Only one man can follow a book but the pages can be for fill

 The sun will never disappear,
but the world may not have many years. 

The only question that matters is where one’s real sympathies will lie when the pinch comes.
if you want the game.
Dreams are filled with love.
I stood still.
The crocus blooms.



The time to make this world a better place is now!.
So you’re basically wandering in the wasteland of your own failure.
If you’re going to try.
Love awakens the soul.
After the final no there comes a yes / and on that yes the future world depends.

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