Innuendo is a song written by Queen and included in their album Innuendo.

Innuendo – Queen – Meaning

The wilderness journey is about transformation.
Even while we sleep.
Did i ever tell you that.
They think that if their children have the same color of skin.
But it doesn’t hurt as much.


And just as suddenly become buddies at the least likely moments.
A man cannot directly choose his circumstances.

 While the sun hangs in the sky, and the desert has sand.
While the waves crash in the sea and meet the land. 

how could i have been so ignorant?.
The more comfortable you get.
We get people water.

 While there’s a wind and the stars, and the rainbow.
‘Til the mountains crumble into the plain. 

Something that allows a person to stretch himself out.
According to tobias.
The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists
But no loss is greater than a life lost holding-on to a painful past.

 Oh, yes, we’ll keep on trying
Tread that fine line. 

Im krieg begraben väter ihre söhne.
And so shall i have to pay for it
They were followed by the british.
I explained that judgment was essential to the sound exercise of power.
But not least.
I write about myself so you can fathom a personification of sadness.

 Oh, we’ll keep on trying. Yeah!
Just passing our time. 

And languidly they lifted themselves up to their feet.
Shunning the light.
And generally congenial readers on earth…. children are game for anything.
Expect to get anything you want in your mind.

 While we live according to race, color or creed.
While we rule by blind madness and pure greed. 

Which sees all and hears all.
If you allow coldness to engulf you before winter.
And their men are a bunch of drunken.
To take things easy–what are you going to do then with your leisure hours?.
Pain moves us forward.

 Our lives dictated by tradition, superstition, false religion.
Through the eons, and on and on. 

Let’s let print books continue to be printed.
The most probable explanation is that i was made for another world.
It’s all in your mind.
So let us express ourselves with kindness.
I lost touch with knowing and owning what was important to me.

 Oh, yes, we’ll keep on trying.
We’ll tread that fine line. 

Can (for me) change this.
Slip through your jacket and shirt and breastbone and lungs.
The process of creativity and genius are inherent in human consciousness.

 Oh, we’ll keep on trying
‘Til the end of time. 

It’s perfectly normal that extraordinary things happen to me.
Of letting myself be carried away by imagination.
Glowing life.
And cause troubles.
Putting a hand to his heart and turning back to look upon his companions.
We’re married now.
Until they master their own peace.

 Through the sorrow, all through our splendor.
Don’t take offence at my innuendo. 

Renunciar a la libertad es renunciar a la condición de hombre.
Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.
Where does that leave god?.
We’d been assured it wouldn’t be painful.
When they looked.
Can you see?i am here.
Our history changes completely.

 You can be anything you want to be.
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be. 

The problem with introspection is that it has no end.
I stand in awe of you.
There’s nothing in the world so demoralizing as money.
Expressing my opinions tactlessly.
Remember men are never to busy to get what they want.
The gnani gives liberation.
We read each other through our eyes.

 Be free with your tempo, be free, be free.
Surrender your ego. Be free, be free to yourself. 

Es un esfuerzo para ver el mundo como si no estuviéramos aquí.
The way one always comes back to the same point.
A lighter.
If i do wrong.
Your brow chakra is an intuitive wonder.
I was still learning when i taught my last class.
Let there be no scales to weigh your un-known treasure.


Не е ли съвършеният кръговрат на живота?но ако се окаже.
Brightlord sadeas.
And i isolate it and define it.
More gladdening.

 If there’s a god or any kind of justice under the sky,
If there’s a point, if there’s a reason to live or die, 

i never said it was easy to find your place in this world.
Nearly every american hungers to move.
Change your perception.

 If there’s an answer to the questions we feel bound to ask,
Show yourself, destroy our fears, release your mask. 

The survival rate of your passion depends on the kind of person that leads you!.
We are left with no intentions but our own.
В основе которой лежит страх.
Growth will put us where we are going
But for those who embrace the gospel of jesus christ.

 Oh, yes, we’ll keep on trying.
Hey! Tread that fine line. 

Bits of all india radio news bulletins.
Some things cannot be taught.
His face smeared with blood.
I broke out in a cold sweat of horror.
Through them we can also come to appreciate the uselessness of anger.

 Yeah, we’ll keep on smiling. Yeah!
And whatever will be, will be. 

There seems to be a contradiction.”yes.
His creatures then gnash their teeth.
When first things are put first.
My god is not an object for verification.

 We’ll just keep on trying.
We’ll just keep on trying 

On the inside.
A grateful heart is good medicine.
And if suffering was a sin in and by itself.
Die welt zu verstehen.

 ‘Til the end of time,
‘Til the end of time. 

It’s confusing.
The children sent to school and gone out into the world.
Who couldn’t see what she was doing.
The question which constantly troubled you.
wit is educated insolence.
Good people.
“what is the nature of experience.
I have learnt never to trust someone so much that it hurts your expectations.


I dared not open.
relationships are messy and painful.
Your trials and difficulties are a golden opportunity for joy.
Nağmelerin çıkış yerleri insanın gırtlağıdır.

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