Factory Girl is a song written by The Rolling Stones and included in their album Beggar’s Banquet.

Factory Girl – The Rolling Stones – Meaning

You needn’t try to be anything different than that.
But only to a level.

 Waiting for a girl who’s got curlers in her hair
Waiting for a girl she has no money anywhere 

She realized something kind of special.
When a schizoid state supervenes.
Full of wrath.
If ye want me or nay.

 We get buses everywhere
Waiting for a factory girl 

It hides it.
Worried eyes.
Then why are you running like your life depends on it?.
What we hate most are the very motivators that put us in gear.
only knowledge and truth may result in freedom of mind.
Still all my own.
Just faith it and have a brighter destination.
The muscle memory of generations past.

 Waiting for a girl and her knees are much too fat
Waiting for a girl who wears scarves instead of hats 

War is massacre.
It’s like you have to have friends or you’re nothing.
This is paradise.
Doomed to produce nothing but frustration and an even greater sense of failure.
Besides a sense of horror at the annihilation of life.
This has shifted radically.
– laura armstrong.

 Her zipper’s broken down the back
Waiting for a factory girl 

The heart will deflect any sense of reasoning offered by the brain.
Nem a família.
My friends don’t think they’re rich.
Comes the biggest surprise of them all—your new-found capacity for joy.
Other nights i didn’t dream of anyone.
when they writes up the history of this war.

 Waiting for a girl and she gets me into fights
Waiting for a girl we get drunk on Friday night 

Time trailed off into death and over this dead time.
God will punish you severely and put others in your place.
Robots are logical and know their purpose.2.

 She’s a sight for sore eyes
Waiting for a factory girl 

Something lear-sized yet sonnet-precise.
Self implies other.
They provide proof of new or rediscovered principles.
They play games with the lives of millions.

 Waiting for a girl and she’s got stains all down her dress
Waiting for a girl and my feet are getting wet 

In airplane.
That’s what came from having romance in your soul.
And our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.
If you’re willing to die for your children.
And assures you always of more of the same.

 She ain’t come out yet
Waiting for a factory girl 

A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying.
Trillions are yet to have it.you had a life before that.
Enter the top 5% of performers in the world.


And not offer up the sceptre to be disencumbered of the ponderous load that clogs their elevation!.
And it lubricated the tools and machines that drove the industrial revolution.
If we’ve sowed the seeds of good fortune in our unconscious minds.
Stand firm and let him fight your battle.

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