Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

This is a world and a time in the history of our civilization in which there is great confusion.

Now each sector is terribly overcrowded. There are lots of people who do all the same things. Every new idea is saturated faster and faster.

The competition is so taken for granted that if there is no,  we have doubts and fears.


Get Noticed

So everyone needs to get noticed. Regardless of the success and the quality of an idea, the primary need today is to be able to attract attention.

Everyone solves this problem in different and more creative ways.

This competition so constantly increasing the quality. Always.

Although in the midst of chaos seems that things that are produced today are not as good as those produced in the past decades, in reality it is not.

Just because there is less and less space to get noticed, it becomes imperative that in the short window of attention that is given to us, everything we do and we offer must be at the highest possible quality.


Beautiful things

But what are nowadays  Beautiful things?

Beautiful things perhaps are the ones that are more natural. Truer. No matter if you are really. If they are because they are born that way, or because they have been carefully constructed around a table.

How often we fail to see the difference. And basically it does not give anything to be able to see the difference. We just want to enjoy the experience that we do.

Hollywood has accustomed us to this. Each film is a fiction. It’s a work built on the purpose to deceive. And we accept this willingly. Because the resulting experience is completely satisfying.

A disk is never what the artist actually produces at a sound quality meaning.

Yet for us it is more than enough.

Rather it is what we are used to and we want to hear. Everything else, everything would be “true,” we do not care, it would not be like we are used to hear. It would not be of acceptable quality.


Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

Today everyone screams. Everyone wants you to do something. Whether you buy something that you do click on any links, or even that you pay attention to them.

Yet even now in all this chaos, sometimes it happens that something beautiful appears on the scene.

When is show,  suddenly everyone is attracted. Everyone wants. Everyone wants to make that experience.

But that thing does not scream. Because good things do not demand attention.


They appear and of course they can for themselves, for their own nature, to attract attention.


What do you think about the shout out and spam and screaming crisis that our society have developped?

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