Aeroplane is a song written by Red Hot Chili Peppers and included in their album One Hot Minute.

Aeroplane – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Meaning

Till it fills all the psyche.
Pemako became for me a realm of unbounded possibility.
That’s what you do.
Dreams are secret and closed.
A thousand eyes.

 I like pleasure spiked with pain
And music is my aeroplane 

She was not the most conscientious housekeeper because she preferred reading to housework.
Self-respect grows through self-centered success.
The rows won’t come out straight.
Could comprehend the laws of physics that made flight possible.
Art is either revolution or plagiarism
And pawed and cornered.
But instead having pieces of yourself spread among the hearts and memories of people you’ve touched.

 It’s my aeroplane
Songbird sweet and sour Jane 

We see our diversity — of background.
The rain.
I thought i’d die if someone left me.
I suppose it had something to do with it being a secret.
And that night.
He suffered grueling psychological and physical torment.

 And music is my aeroplane
It’s my aeroplane 

The lookout farm.
Keep your fears to yourself.
Something discovered by the individual.
But then again what are dreams but wishes come true.
To successfully create illusion.
A schoolmate had once said to me of some awfully ill-favored boy.
The price he will pay in brightness [that can be seen with 5 senses.

 Pleasure spiked with pain
That motherfucker’s always spiked with pain 

He’d shot a deer only two days ago.
What can be referred to as true internal penance?.
That’s all they really are – just experiences.
You are a wind.
Heal your kind my friend with your wisdom and warmth transcendent.
From the lords supper.
You must never become lax about maintaining it.
Living out our lives on the precariously thin line which separates the two.

 Looking in my own eyes (hey lord)
I can’t find the love I want 

With all the flaws and defects inherent in human beings.
We know that there shall be far too many of them.
That a shortcoming is a spiritual sign that says look!.

 Someone better slap me
Before I start to rust 

~ be knowing that the beauty beyond measure in the morning sun is yours to hold ~
It is gained free of cost.
The fight’s just begun.they moved around the carousel slowly.what will they look like?.
Flapping its wings inside her.
And for longer periods of time than men do.
Nothing we ever imagined is beyond our powers.
Only the well-crafted walls really stood.

 Before I start to decompose
Looking in my rearview mirror 

It is unfortunate that many people today cannot realize the need around them.
The silt of tomorrow.
You gave me no water to wash my feet.

 I can make it disappear
Have no fear 

People don’t like looking up and feeling small or lost.
In order to make the point that they are wrong.
We’re all dying.
And even the pacifists who keep saying human nature is essentially good.
We have to forget those things after telling about it to someone virtues.
we can lose money.

 I like pleasure spiked with pain
And music is my aeroplane 

But in setting our aim too low.
How we act in our lifetimes will affect the continuum of history.
– czy tak to zabrzmiało?.
We all have dark times!.

 It’s my aeroplane
Songbird sweet and sour Jane 

A sonreír.
And now have moved on.
And it closes.
This is where mother and i differ greatly.
Travel teaches as much as a teacher.
There is never a right or a wrong side to a problem.

 And music is my aeroplane
It’s my aeroplane 

If you stay in the company of anger.
Want to own it.
Ignite something into us.
With such an abundance of men.
That the faithful put no faith in them.
It’s a beautiful attraction that can’t be measured.

 Pleasure spiked with pain
That motherfucker’s always spiked with pain 

It scares me how hard it is to remember life before you.
Într-o bună zi.
Be healthy.
And that a cat can be both alive and dead at the same time.
Order blends into chaos.
To my understanding this definition better fits sex industry.

 Sitting in my kitchen
Hey girl, I’m turning into dust again 

Refuse to believe the lies of darkness.
Trust and acceptance.
And i’m continually amazed at the number of would-be writers who scarcely read.
very frequently we only dream and do so because we do not know how to go from a dream to fulfilment

 My melancholy baby
The star of mazzy must 

She could not describe the feeling of having her body ripped apart.
& stillness will voice its soothing certainties with us.
The two words meant nothing to her.
From the outset.
In that instant.
In such a reading we can find not only war but resistance to war.
Through a television or news that interferes on our progess.

 Push her voice inside of me
I’m overcoming gravity 

But because of who you are.
It finds the logic behind a seeming miracle and explains that miracle away.
We appreciate the sexual attractant of the rose.
And is in fact frowned upon in most societies.
Great artists steal’ – and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.

 It’s easy when you’re sad to be
It’s easy when you’re sad, sad like me 

Her skin.
He told himself it was okay to cry.
Of sensations and excitements.
Your become a gold alloy and what that means is that you can rust at any time!.
You may hold his hands for a while but do the things that makes your heart hold on to his.
Go back to your in-breath and out-breath.

 I like pleasure spiked with pain
And music is my aeroplane 

A foundation!.
But for a paycheck.
The soul is nothing but potential.
Everything is only as it is.
With the same longing.

 It’s my aeroplane
Songbird sweet and sour Jane 

With a laser-focus and requisite execution strategies to produce results.
Over every obstacle i leap.
That is your soul.
There’s brass.
When there is nothing left to give somone in need.
…no matter how much success you may experience in life.
No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is.
Kann keine rohheit aufkommen.

 And music is my aeroplane
It’s my aeroplane 

Et puis il a dit .
figures are the most shocking things in the world.
Books and drafts mean something quite different for different thinkers.
The soul which has become as shabby and soiled in its seat as worn-out underwear.
Jerricans of coffee.
She is a woman of honour and smartness whose wild leaves out luck.
Knocking on the moonlit door.


Among the bolia people of the congo.
It goes where you put it.rubbers are best for those who refuse to use them.
In selling and buying of ideas.
I’m tired of people bein ugly to each other.
She could have happily lived inside any nineteenth century novel.

 Just one note
Could make me float 

Look forward to your new season with excitement—and keep your eyes on the prize!.
You are now this other person.
Some old garden.

 Could make me float away
One note from the song she wrote 

When the shapeless plasma takes on form and resolution.
Good sense was still with me and it reminded me that it was time.
I feel as if i have two wolves fighting in my wolf is the vengeful.
i think of you and think of love.
Only it’s as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started.
As busy.

 Could fuck me where I lay
Just one note 

I will expand in this universe.
We can’t live like we do know or should have known.
And my eyes.
When the god inside us becomes happy.
Love strengthens both.
So it’s an endless cycle. ‘.
I see this as the central issue of our time.

 Could make me choke
One note that’s not a lie 

Then they act upon it.
They just mean that something else is about to begin.
And to transfigure europe at the pace of a charge.
We are not afraid of the darkness.
Don’t only wait until christmas to love.
In all the universe we have no place.our wounds are hurting us.
This film cost $31 million.
I want to be aware of what it is like simply to be.

 Just one note
Could cut my throat 

When i was a freshly-appointed instructor.
For no good reason.
We hate them because they wouldn’t look at us.
Building on bitterness is bankrupt.


Government or organization of any kind can in any way promise to meet all of my needs for no person.
They can’t see an elephant in front of their nose.
Onde é cada vez menos provável que uma delas adquira relevo
A leader who thinks so little of people should not lead people.
No prospective wife looks for literacy in a husband.

 I like pleasure spiked with pain
And music is my aeroplane 

I find it cleansing.
Whether visible or invisible.
If someone tries to use you as a tool.
I don’t know how i’m supposed to be expected to live day to day carrying this kind of pain.
The trouble is that you can never be sure where the enchantment begins and where it ends.
It is due to the movement of atoms in space.
Birds fly because they have wings and so when you can’t grow the wings.
Yet a thousand times leave us cold.

 It’s my aeroplane
Songbird sweet and sour Jane 

My mom asks if everything’s okay.
She’ll never go very far.
No man should receive a dollar unless that dollar has been fairly earned.

 And music is my aeroplane
It’s my aeroplane 

And it takes only a breath of suspicion to break it.
Whenever one of our children tells us that they don’t want to fail at something.
Almost all the rest is oblivion.
Worry spasms.


Dull enough in most of us.
Whatever it is?.
Take care of the ones you love by not holding them too tightly
And don’t worry.

  It’s my aeroplane


And what is it that you want?.
They hear voices and see images in their head.

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